We provide everything
that is
with Russian timber.

Aiming to be a group
of specialists
can be relied on.

We pursue the unlimited potential of Russian business and contribute to good lives of the people both in Japan and in Russia.

Since the establishment of our company in 1965, we have consistently developed through the trade with Russian Federation from the days of the former Soviet Union. As one of the leading companies in Japan-Russia trade, we are continuing to progress and taking a challenge for unlimited possibilities even in the rapidly changing international situation.

We have and we will.

Width of tree rings are smaller

(Left) Red pine of East Siberia
(Right) Cedar of Japan

Searching for the world’s best quality timber High quality timber nurtured by the harsh Siberian nature
Width of tree rings
are smaller

(Left) Red pine of East Siberia
(Right) Cedar of Japan

Siberia is the land of extreme cold. The temperature drops below minus 40 degrees Celsius during the coldest months of winter. Trees grown in such an environment have narrower tree rings with less deviation. In order to maintain high quality in Russia, of which production culture differs from Japan, it is important to communicate with business partners on a daily basis. When we patiently convey commitment to quality among Japanese people, we can get people in Russia understand why people in Japan need certain kind of timber, processing method and quality, and where in a Japanese house the timber is used. What can we do to continue contributing to the market in Japan? We always keep this in mind, gather information, take up opinions, and provide feedback to manufacturers. This cycle never ends. Our history of solving the toughest problems that arise in each year and in each season guarantees the quality of our products.

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We have been engaged in the timber import from Russia over more than 50 years. We holds the largest share in import quantity of Russian wood products to Japan.

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We have been exporting high-quality Japanese products since the days of the former Soviet Union. We provide a consistent service from prospecting new customers to exporting and selling. Click here for our product lineup.

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